What Are The Benefits of Recycling?

You probably have been hearing a lot about reduce, reuse, recycle campaign that has been promoted heavily as one of our efforts to preserve our environment. In this article, we’re going to discuss about the benefits of recycling as some people just can’t understand what and why we need to recycle. Recycling in simple words is the process where you use any waste materials to create new products, this activity can extend the life of the product. If you keep doing this, you are participating in reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials. Even if you don’t know how to recycle, you still can participate by purchasing and using recycled products.

Ok, now that you get the idea of recycling, your next question probably why we have to go through the trouble of recycling our garbage? Well, if you care about our environment as much as we do, then you’re probably going to be very excited after reading our explanations about the benefits of recycling.

What are the benefits of recyclingFirst or all, recycling is no doubt helps protect our environment. Imagine if everyone recycled their trash, it would drastically reduce the amount of garbage brought in our landfills. Today, not only in United States, but everywhere in the world, we are running out of landfill space, we need to do immediate actions to start generating less waste.

We often take for granted our limited resources such as oil, gold, silver, copper and many more. You have to realize these resources are limited and will be worn out soon, we need to balance our demand with rapidly shrinking resources. It’s a good news that many technology manufacturers are now active in recycling materials from used products, they even come with buy-back programs for their old products. They realize one of the benefits of recycling for them would be the efficiency of energy consumption compared to processing fresh raw materials. For example Apple, a giant technology company offers its consumers to recycle their gadgets responsibly by sending their old/broken gadgets back to Apple. In return, Apple gives back 10% off for a new product. We’re pretty sure it costs more energy to develop and manufacture a new product from fresh raw materials than to make 5 products out of those recycled materials.

What are the benefits of recyclingIn this recession time, recycling could be your new job, in fact, to some people it could be a profitable small business. They can sell their recycled products to green conscious buyers, some of them can be really creative, such as creating a bed dog out of unused suitcase, an aquarium out of broken apple monitor, a toy out of waste material. So yes, recycling can be financially rewarding, it’s really a tempting opportunity to develop your own business with small start up cost. If you already have your green products, you can join and list them on our green marketplace.

We believe, recycling will become a good habit in fact, it is progressing toward a new lifestyle. It might look small contribution to the environment but actually it can make big impact to our environment. Now you know that the benefits of recycling are not only necessarily just for our environment, but also creating an opportunity for you to generate an extra income.

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